Long-range ANTI-AIR. Clears the skies.

The Homeland Defender is the UC ANTI-AIR weapon and it can take out UC and R Air Units but it struggles to take out SR/UR/E Units. Can take out un-armoured Infantry

Tactics Edit

Offense: This is a piece of machinery is useful when it comes to defeating air/infantry units because it has powerful attack but the defence is horrible so make sure you shield it behind tanks or powerful recons

Defense: This unit has 4 ground-to-air missiles for good reason, because it can attack very rapidly and the best R helicopters like the Roc and be shredded by these 4 missiles

Stats Edit

Unit Type: Recon

Production Value: 158

Sale Price: $2,800,000

Projectile Type: Long Range

Base Attack: 914

Base Shield: 841

Base Overall: 1388

Good Against: Air

Rarity: Uncommon

How to Obtain Edit

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