★Ifrit XVI★
Rank 4, Level 50
Ifrit XVI R Lv1 Front
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 3369 7556
Defense 2884 6469
Overall 3473 7791
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 1174  ???
Fire Rate 0.44/s
Range 24
Area Effect N/A
Health 1258  ???
Armor 84  ???
Move Speed 5
Recharge 21

Air. Dominates Heavy


Offensive: A solid helicopter the ★Ifrit XVI★ will destroy tanks quickly and survive against enemy recon units that can target air. Dedicated AA will still take it out in seconds though so make sure to prioritize their destruction lest your aircraft be swatted out the sky.

Defensive: As above dedicated AA will have no trouble, especially long range AA which can kill the ★Ifrit XVI★ before it even notices. Alternatively some super rare or better recon units will be able to take it on with ease, or better helicopters such as the Agrippina.

How to ObtainEdit

  • Bronze, Silver, & Gold Chests

Variant SpecialtyEdit

The ★Ifrit XVI★ is the armored variant of its family and hence can take a bit more punishment then usual.


See Also Edit


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