★Marid IX★
Marid IX R Lv1 Front
Rank 1, Level 1
Marid IX R Lv1 Back
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 2368  ???
Defense 2475  ???
Overall 3783  ???
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 440  ???
Fire Rate 1.00/s
Range 15
Area Effect N/A
Health 1000  ???
Armor 80  ???
Move Speed 8
Recharge 15

Air. Defeats Heavy.

Tactics Edit

Offensive: Fast helicopter that defeats tanks. Good against rare and uncommon helicopters at low level, and considerably good against super-rare helicopters when maxed.

Defensive: Can easily be knocked out with an upgraded Theseus, but if the ★Marid IX★ is level 35+, an uncommon level 40 Theseus takes two shots to take it down instead of one.

Variants Edit

This is one of three rare variants. The ★Pokryshkin AH★ is the cheapest with the base stats. The ★Harpy★ has the best range and therefore the most firepower. The ★Marid IX★ is the armored variant with the best defense. Each rare variant also has an Uncommon variant.

How to Obtain Edit

  • Bronze, Silver, & Gold Chests

See AlsoEdit


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