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★Rocket Squad★
Rank 4, Level 50
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 419 1882
Defense 261 1171
Overall 1843 8277
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 300 1347
Fire Rate 0.36/s
Range 7
Health 200 897
Armor 5 22
Move Speed 4
Recharge 7

Infantry. Good at taking out Heavy and Air.


Offensive: Useful as Cannon fodder since they consist of a three man squad not to mention the rockets can do some serious damage against tanks and delay the enemy long enough for the player to deploy something much stronger.

Defensive: This unit is vulnerable to most anti-infantry weaponry. Units which provide an area-effect are also an effective counter, potentially killing an entire squad in one hit. Long-range infantry (such as the Sand Viper) are also useful.

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