Rank 3, Level 10
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 1067 ???
Defense 1210 ???
Overall 1674 ???
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 140 ???
Fire Rate 1.33/s
Range 20
Health 800 ???
Armor 30 ???
Move Speed 7
Recharge 16

Light. Large truck that is difficult to destroy.


Offensive: Big Health pool along with moderate armor allows it be an effective troop killer and is capable of fighting off simple recon units, however it's slow rate of fire requires a strong escort when it ends up shooting something bigger than itself.

Defensive: Health pool doesn't mean nothing without great armor and this unit doesn't have an impressive armor rating, meaning some tanks can instantly turn this unit to junk in just 1-2 shots. However, large groups are problematic for untrained eye.


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