Rank 2
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 15432 69216
Defense 9104 40848
Overall 20440 91720
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 2800 12560
Fire Rate 1.00/s
Range 23
Health 4800 21536
Armor 240 1080
Move Speed 3
Recharge 14

Fires a long range indirect tank busting rocket

Tactics Edit

Offense: This isn't the best tank buster out there but it is decent for the price and recharge rate. It has a relatively long range that is good enough to out range most units, especially tanks, and a pretty good rate of fire. Keep behind a wall of units for support and keep AA units along with it to keep the skies clear. It can actually target air units but it is by no means an AA unit since they can close the gap by the time it shoots. It takes a second to deploy initially so be sure it is never at the front or it won't have time to get a shot off.

Defense: They are fairly weak and take a little while to deploy so charge it with fast tanks or recon and you can kill it before it gets more than one shot off. It can shoot helicopters though even short range ones can quickly close the gap and get shots in while it is still deploying. Longer range artillery can also take it out before it has a chance to shoot back. Swarming it with infantry works too.

Variant Specialty Edit

This is the extra armored variant and being ultra rare it also has the highest damage output.

See Also Edit

Oligarch Killer



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