Many people attack many different ways. I use what I like to call the "Big Bully" strategy. Others use other attack strategies. Here are what I, FlyDragon360, think are great attack strategies.

  • Tanks and Helicopters: An okay attack strategy. It can be used even when you go to the top spots, however. Simple to use: Use at least two tanks, at least one helicopter, and the rest of the units of your choice.
  • Tanks and Artillery: Another good attack strategy, but some artillery aren't good for their rarity. 2 tanks, one artillery, rest are your choice. You'll be split apart for artillery rarity from uncommon to the super-rare level.
  • TEHEH (Tank, elite helicopter, elite howitzer): You use only one tank, specifically one that can take a lot of hits, use an elite helicopter. (Because most people usually get extremely lucky in their lower level to pull a super-rare or ultra-rare helicopter. For example, the player ssmrnastyss pulled a Lenin's Reach when he was a novice. The LoW YouTuber MGVIDZ pulled a Twa Corbies, and I pulled three rare ★Kozhedub AH★ helicopters in a row, getting a helicopter that could two-shot the ★Janissary III★.) Well, one tank, two helicopters, an artillery of your choice and the other two units of your choice.
  • Sniperfest: Two units that can take a lot of hits, two or three snipers, and the other one or two units of your choice. I think this is one of the best combinations since Colonel Varga uses it most of the time and defeats my squad so many times with it. Colonel Varga usually uses the Thought Purifier, Zahhak II, Hastatus Prime, Comrade Zero, Gebel I and the Hormizid XX in his squad at level 12+, and beyond I know nothing of what he does meddling with his overpowered cards because I always get destroyed when I face the Level 12+ Colonel Varga.
  • Big Bully: The name says it all. One tank that can take and deal massive damage, two sniper units, one artillery or helicopter, one tank busting unit and the sixth unit is your choice. This is what I think is the most effective attack strategy. A sample squad of this is: Unbreakable Will, Hastatus Prime, Sand Viper, Rocket Squad, Nessus and Daedalus.

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