A base is a place for military operations and it's commonly used to generate supplies and as a landing zone for units. It's extremely important to keep the Enemy from demolishing the player's base as it can result in defeat not to mention the base can not deploy Units without it.


The base is a large metallic structure that composes of a Garage, A flag post and a set of Propane tanks located in the rear of the base. Also the base changes in appearance dramatically after taking damage from an enemy unit, a list of these changes can be found below.

Maximum Health: The Base is in perfect condition as the flag post stands upright, the garage is intact with the two centaurs present, Communication relays are fixed on top of the roof and finally all Four propane tanks intact.

Half Health: The Base is in Horrible condition as the flag post turns into a wooden stake, The Garage along with the centaurs are destroyed leaving nothing but rubble, Communication Relays on the roof are torn from their hinges and finally two propane tanks lay scattered about while a gaping hole is found in the center.

Destroyed: The Base turns into rubble as Steel girders will show up lying right next up to one another along with the entire base having its entire roof collapse, All Propane tanks are destroyed


  • The Bases used to have a matte light grey appearance in earlier versions of the game and still retains this on smaller devices.

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