Rank 4
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 15688 70360
Defense 11128 49920
Overall 20944 93968
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 4800 21528
Fire Rate 0.57/s
Range 20
Health 6400 28712
Armor 240 1080
Move Speed 7
Recharge 15

Fast, rapid fire tank


Offensive: A cheaper and faster alternative to artillery this cute little tank can aim quite far thanks to its range of 20. Best used with the an armored escort for better results. Could also be used to give added punch when used with faster recon units like the Orpheus and Enforcer that also have a speed of 7. An excellent rush unit.

Defensive: Requires a strong tank with a high armor to health rating in order to survive the first two shots from this tank or it can be taken down by Helicopters or long range artillery assuming they do good damage (basically SR or UR units). Since the buffing of all UR units this has become quite an excellent tank and can take down just about anything less than an UR on the ground.

Variant Specialty Edit

This is the long range variant though it is UR so has much higher attack and defense ratings. It has double the range of it's variants though this comes with a much higher supply cost.

See Also Edit

Seleucus I

Worker's Lyric


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