A Memnon is deployed in the New Markets Mission


Mission: New Markets Edit


  1. Bosque tank destroyer
  2. Homeland Defender
  3. Jumbiya* (Rare)

Enemy Deck

  • Mago I (lvl 41)
  • Janusss
    Taimi's Reckoning (lvl 46)
  • Enforcer*
  • Selim V*
  • Memnon (lvl 41)
  • Quietus (lvl 41)


Bring a good anti-air unit because the helicopters are fast and pretty powerful. Bring heavier armor or Hastatus Snipers for the rest.

Mission: Welcome Wagon Edit

Be sureRewards

  1. Freedom Scout
  2. Proletarian Tank (Uncommon)
  3. Equality Scout (Uncommon)

Enemy Deck

  • Hippolyta (lvl 41)
  • Chesma IV (lvl 38)
  • Memnon (lvl 41)
  • Janus (lvl 43)
  • Twa Corbies (lvl 48)
  • Selim V*


Bring some longer range units since they have two artillery units. Anti air unit for the Corbies and a tank for the Memnon. Hastatus Snipers work good as long as you protect them from the Memnon and Corbies. Try to end this battle as quickly as you can since after a minute or so it draws out and they usually win but if you get the order right you can beat this one pretty quick and easy. Be sure to start out with a level 50 tank first such as Persephone or Reaping Truth.

Mission: Corrections Incoming Edit


  1. Freedom Scout
  2. Blanqui Mortar (Uncommon)
  3. Ifrit XVI (Uncommon)

Enemy Deck

  • Copies*
  • Psiloli*(1)
  • Black Flag(1)
  • centuar lvl(1)
  • easy missian


Start this mission off with a level 50 rare tank and you should win quickly before it gets tough. If you level two Reaping Truth's all you need to do is get to supply 2 or 3 then drop two of them in a row and you will win every time.

Mission: Fortress Aizwal (Survive for 4 minRewards Edit

  1. Stymphalian (Uncommon)
  2. Bronze Key
  3. Silver Key

Enemy Deck

  • Scarab I (lvl 46)
  • Black Flag (lvl 41)
  • Liangs Reapers (lvl 50)
  • Hastatus Prime (lvl 50)
  • Twa Corbies (lvl 48)
  • Provocateur (lvl 41)


Bring enough long range units to kill their infantry before they can get in range. Hastatus Snipers are good because they are cheap and a good counter to the Prime, Reapers, Scarab, and Provocateur. Anything with a long range infantry killer gun like the Nessus work well if you have them. Long range units are best since their units are all powerful at close range so it's best to kill them before they can get there. Beware the black flag if you plan on using Snipers exclusively. Hint...if you haventt used the strategy of hitting the supply rate first and slamming them with dropping the units all at once, now would be the time to do it! Up the supply rate to 7 and start with infantry, strong tank, and long range unit. You will be done in no time. 

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