The Foundation has claimed Adelaide Island to use as a staging ground for future attacks on arctic settlements. Foil their plans.

'NOTE'You should have done mass upgrading of your common troops and pulled at least one uncommon unit by now and you need a highly trained uncommon or a rare or SR unit to deal with the highly trained ★Dervish VII★ and the Great Bombard otherwise you will have your entire line of units destroyed.


Adelaide IslandEdit

Secure a landing zone on Foundation-controlled Adelaide Island.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $210,000 and 70 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Negotiation DeniedEdit

The Foundation is not interested in discussing settlement rights. They attack without mercy.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $210,000 and 70 XP.

Enemy Deck:

How to Complete:

Units boosted to level 18! This is where it starts getting tough. Start being strategic with your army composition, it helps a lot! Put your rare and uncommon units and/or high level units in your squad, or you'll be stuck here like a dart in a bear!

Foundation ApproachEdit

Scouts probe your defenses. Defeat them in under 2 minutes!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $210,000 and 70 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Operation: Frost ChariotEdit

A massive battle erupts in the tundra. Winner takes Adelaide Island!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $570,000 and 140 XP.

Enemy Deck:

How to Complete:

This battle is going to be REALLY tough if you don't have all your units maxed. If you do have all your units maxed or you pull a rare, or in some cases, a super-rare unit from a chest, great job, because you're gonna need it! This is where the rare units start appearing in the enemy deck. The Great Bombard is level 18, and starts appearing in this enemy base after a lot of units are released. They stay behind walls of enemy units and begin to load. If you don't hurry, the Bombard's missile will fire and destroy all of your units in a range of four lines of units, and it can one-shot your headquarters! Find a way to quickly take care of the other defending troops to take care of the Great Bombard. The Great Bombard has almost no hit points. If the enemy decides to release the Great Bombard first out of all of its units in the deck, you're a lucky duck. :)

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