The Liberian government is already in the process of collapsing, so they are unable to protect their citizens. Corner Barca and complete your contract.


Monrovian DefenseEdit

General Barca has moved south and is threatening Liberian refugees. Stop his advance force.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $165,000 and 55 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Rumble in GbarngaEdit

Barca's army is destabilizing the already fragile Liberian relief operation. Strike his mobile divisions.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $165,000 and 55 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Stone Against the WindEdit

Defeat Barca's counter-attack.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $165,000 and 55 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Harmattan BarrierEdit

A surprise attack by Foundation mercenaries threatens your supply! Defend your base for 2 minutes!

A twist! The Foundation, an agribusiness multinational, has meanwhile took command of a huge army and is now attacking you! Defend your base!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $720,000 and 165 XP.

Enemy Deck:

  • Unknown.

How to Complete:

This mission is to test whether you learned how to play properly or not. Because, the enemy units have been upgraded! They are level 9 in this mission, and if you didn't figure out already how to upgrade your units, promoting them isn't the way. Go to "My Army" in the main menu and click on "LVLTrain." Select the unit you want to train and then select the unwanted units you want to scrap. Promote and level train all your units to at least level 7 and you're good to go.

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