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Battle to protect the Pacific Northwest.


Northwestern ConflictEdit

The second prong of the RMA incursion has come in the Pacific Northwest. Quickly destroy their expeditionary forces.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $270,000 and 90 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Snoqualmie SkirmishEdit

RMA forces are digging in, near North Bend. Root them out!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $270,000 and 90 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Bellingham BlitzEdit

A massive RMA air force is threatening the town of Bellingham. Destroy them!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $270,000 and 90 XP. Rewards

Enemy Deck:

  • Unknown.

Operation: Heron EclipseEdit

Circle RMA forces and crush them near the town of Ravensdale.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $690,000 and 180 XP.

Enemy Deck:

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