Blunt the Foundation offensive in Morocco.

NOTE: You need at least one SR unit for this mission and dump some of your infantry out of your squad temporarily, and also be sure to have a strong tank, otherwise the SR ★Toxotai★ and Death's Head and the R ★Achilles★ are going to gang up on your strongest units and demolish anything in their way.


Roads to RuinEdit

NeoS forces battle the Foundation in open desert. You need to defend the city of Marrakesh from a flanking attack.

Rewards: $300,000 and 100 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Desert FireEdit

The assaults intensify. Hold the line for 3 minutes!

Rewards: $300,000 and 100 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Grasping for LifeEdit

A massive Foundation force bears down on you. Fight to survive!

Rewards: $300,000 and 100 XP.

Enemy Deck:

  • Toxotai
  • Death's head
  • Enforcr
  • *Achilles*

Operation: Violet TempestEdit

The Foundaton assault broken, it's time for a counterattack!

Rewards: $750,000 and 200 XP.

Enemy Deck:


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