Cash is a prominent feature in League of War, and serves as the primary currency within the game. Once a player acquires enough Cash, they are able to expend it through the training and promotion of units. Players may also invest Cash into an alliance Black Market, in exchange for various perks.


Cash may be acquired in the following ways:

  • Versus Reward: If the player wins a Versus battle, a variable amount of Cash is offered as a battle reward.
  • Campaign Reward: If the player wins a Campaign battle , a fixed amount of Cash is offered as a mission reward.
  • Daily Reward: If the player logs in on a regular basis, a variable amount of Cash may be offered as a daily reward.
  • Unit Selling: If the player sells a unit, a fixed amount of Cash is offered in exchange.

Cash may also be acquired through in-app purchasing.


  • While the Cash is never associated with a specific currency in-game, some of the in-app purchasing options depict Cash as U.S. Dollars.

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