Units are organized into six types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super-Rare, Ultra-Rare, and the new Epic Units.

Common Edit

Common units are good for the lower levels, but they will soon be crowding your inventory and they'll be unimportant. Common units are detrimental to success in the Foundation missions and will soon be far overpowered. Pulled from Bronze Chests, Campaign Missions, and Red Chests.

Uncommon Edit

Uncommon units are great for going a little bit higher, and two types of uncommon units, the Theseus and the Xevioso III, can survive in squads very high in the leaderboards. They are good for lower levels, but uncommon units can still be used against the Foundation and RMA missions.

Rare Edit

Rare units are a mix bag of both good and bad units to own and to make matters worse their is not a lot of rare infantry in this category. Rares will usually dominate anything below its own rank though they will grow useless in matches involving any super rares.

Super Rare Edit

Super rare units are the third strongest units in all of league of war only to be out beaten by ultra rares. The comrade zero, Twa Corbies, Provacter and the infamous Hastaus Prime all represent this category with some serious firepower.

Ultra Rare Edit

Ultra rare units are the second strongest rarity category in the game which ranges from the Hell raising Lenin family that includes lenin's reach, pegasus and Attaruk to the famous attulaus family that offer ridiculous armor over power to Overpowered Recons like the Orentes.

Epic Edit

Only the most skilled and determined players can get their hands on of the two exotics that are currently dominating league of war which include the common interest a long range tank killer that has sent many great tank families to the grave yard and the agile experimental swan air unit that rains down missiles.

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