Rank 4
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack ??? 169317
Defense ??? 55255
Overall ??? 117453
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage ??? 16992
Fire Rate 1.25
Range 25
Area Effect 0
Health ??? 22656
Armor ??? 1699
Move Speed 5
Recharge 22

A speedy but exceptionally tough cannon scout.

It is the UR version of the Karkadann V


Offense: This is a great little unit thanks to its long range and high attack. It is however pretty pricey so use it like an artillery unit and keep behind a wall of more heavily armored units. This does have a pretty decent chunk of health if it does come under fire.

Defense: Do not be fooled by the size or type of this unit, it could rip apart the best tanks in sheer seconds if it gets too close. Use long range artillery, helicopters, and UR tanks with good range or high defense.

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