Rank 4, Level 50
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 898 3445
Defense 605 2320
Overall 1633 6266
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 200 767
Fire Rate 1.00/s
Range 18
Health 400 1534
Armor 15 58
Move Speed 5
Recharge 11

The Decius is a recon unit with a light cannon. It was used as a countermeasure recon unit during the previous boss event.


Offense: This unit is great against any infantry unit except maybe Sand Vipers or Comrade Zero. It has just enough range to be good against Rocket squads and has a high enough rate of fire to kill them before they can become a threat. It also does reasonably well against helicopters but it should have support for taking them out and shouldn't be your primary unit for that task. They are very cheap with a quick recharge and are much more effective than other cheap scouts but they are definitely a support unit and wont survive at the front.

Defense: They can easily be killed by any tank or heavier recon vehicle. Longer range helicopters can also take them out fairly easily. They are deadly to your infantry so be sure to counter them with vehicles. 

Variant SpecialtyEdit

This is the long range variant and has the highest attack of the three variants.

See AlsoEdit

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Gallery Edit

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