Rank 4, Level 50
Rank 4, Level 50
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 6814 122244
Defense 605 10853
Overall 4014 72022
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 600 10764
Fire Rate 2.00/s
Range 12
Health 450 8073
Armor 10 179
Move Speed 8
Recharge 21

Light. Twin railguns demolish heavy armor.

Tactics Edit

Offense: With its high speed, low range, and low health this is one of the hardest units to use effectively. It can kill just about anything on the ground given the opportunity to shoot but a lot of units can kill it before it gets the chance. You must hold it in reserve until your units are about to make contact with the enemy and keep them distracted so you can drop this to race in and quickly kill an enemy unit. It can also handle infantry squads on its own.

Defense: Anything with a range of 13 or greater with high damage will kill this before it can shoot back. It may be able to race by your helicopters if they are deployed towards the front lines but if they can get a shot off they can usually kill it.

Variants Edit

The Ikenga is the UR variant of the Eurydice and Productive Force. The Ikenga has the highest defense and damage output. The Eurydice has the best range and the Productive force is the cheapest.


  • The Eurydice has an extremely short range for a railgun-based unit.

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