Hastatus Squad
Hastatus Squad
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 14648 79978
Defense 5584 30491
Overall 30910 168772
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 7472 40797
Fire Rate 0.25
Range 28
Health 3744 20442
Armor 160 873
Move Speed 4
Recharge 12

Sniper Infantry. Armed with powerful Hastatus railgun


Offensive: The Hastatus Squad is more powerful than the Hastatus Prime and with the fact that that the cost is quite low cost it is a great unit to spam against tanks, recons and artillery because of the high damage. Recon units can kill them especailly Epic ones that can plow through them without breaking a sweat so watch out for Zades and keep some fodder out in front. These are tough even for UR's to kill but they are a lot more vulnerable than other Epic units so be sure to support them especially with AA units.

Defensive: Railgun units are a lot less effective against recon so use any recon with an anti infantry cannon though beware these still have long range and will get 3 shots before your recon can close so something with good range or high health is recommended. Though these aren't as powerful as other Epic units they still are a pain for anything less than Epic to deal with. A maxed squad can kill a max Fumigator before it gets a shot off. Use infantry killers with support as each of these can take a few shots to kill. Helicopters can't be targeted by them and some really long range artillery can kill them in one shot. The Scheherazade I spells doom for these units and can plow through several squads.

See Also Edit

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