Rank 4, Level 50
Rank 4, Level 50
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 3426 15367
Defense 2985 13389
Overall 4152 19119
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 780 3498
Fire Rate 0.80/s
Range 18
Area Effect N/A
Health 1560 6996
Armor 80 358
Move Speed 6
Recharge 18

Heavy. Fast and powerful.

Strategy Edit

Offensive: This unit can deal a devastating amount of damage against Recon units. Combined with a moderate fire rate and move speed, this unit is capable of decimating the battlefield if left unchallenged.

Defensive: This unit is particularly vulnerable to Air and Tank units. Long-range Infantry units (such as the Hastatus Sniper) are also effective at countering this unit.

Variant SpecialtyEdit

The Hippolyta is the long range variant of its family giving it a significant edge in the battlefield.


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