Rank 4, Level 40
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack ??? 52536
Defense ??? 37444
Overall ??? 49548
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage ??? ???
Fire Rate 1.33/s
Range 18
Health ??? ???
Armor ??? ???
Move Speed 5
Recharge ???

Twin-Barreled Tank for twice the damage


Offense: These tanks will destroy just about any ground unit quickly when they get in range due to their high fire rate. Like any tank they have no air defense so defend them well.

Defense: They are nearly unstoppable against vehicles or tanks when in range so kill them with infantry (exterminator squads) or long range missle units and/ or helicopters. They have a very decent amount of health and armor especially when it is fully promoted so plan on ganging up on it with several units. Like all tanks Hastatus Primes and Snipers are a good counter.

Variant SpecialtyEdit

This is the long range variant of the Araska I though it inflicts less damage so has a much lower overall attack and defense rating

See Also Edit

Araska I



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