The Morale bar is a prominent feature in League of War. It enables the player to initiate battles in Versus or Boss battles. When initiating a battle, the player may choose to receive an initial resource boost, at the cost of additional Morale. For Versus battles, the resource boost increases your starting Supply level, while in Boss battles, the resource boost provides you with a pool of resources, which the player may invest in Supply Boosts or Units immediately.

The player may store a maximum of 3 Morale. While the Morale bar isn't full, the Morale bar will recharge at a rate of 1 Morale every 20 minutes. The only legitimate way to manually increase your Morale is to consume a Morale Boost or a Morale Refill. The Morale Boost provides the player 1 Morale, while the Morale Refill provides a maximum of 3 Morale (if the Morale bar is empty). If a player increases in level, the Morale bar will become refilled.


Morale plays an imporant role in League of War:

  • To limit the amount of Versus (or Boss) battles a player can initiate within a specific timeframe.
  • To encourage in-app purchasing of Morale Boost and Morale Refill packs.

Waiting TimesEdit

If the Morale bar is empty, it will take a maximum of 60 minutes to fully recharge. Conversely, the Energy bar will take a maximum of 90 minutes to fully recharge, so it is important to keep this in mind when trying to maximise efficiency.

In some cases, the Morale bar will not require a full 20 minutes to recharge if it drops from Full. This means that in some cases, the player can attain a maximum of 4 battles consecutively, potentially increasing their Versus Streak.


  • Like most energy-dependent games, a significant portion of the League of War community are supportive of an increased Morale bar capacity.

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