Nyx Squad
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 241 ???
Defense 219 ???
Overall 472 ???
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 200 ???
Fire Rate 0.17/s
Range 28
Health 160 ???
Armor 5 ???
Move Speed 4
Recharge 25

Nyx squad is a group of uncommon ranked snipers that weree introduced into league of war along with shaytan I.

Nyx 1

Nyx Squad shown as countermearsue unit


Offense: This squad does fair damage against light recon vehicles and can serve as a great infantry killer when promoted. However, it is no match for the SR and UR infantry, so keep them screened with a tough unit and another infantry killer like a Psiloi or Nessus for maximum destruction.Although generally weak, it can kill off most common and some rare and uncommon units.

Defense: Dangerous to fight in lower levels, as they are three snipers and, representing the Nyx team that won their game recently, they are a threat to recon. Tanks don't do that much against them either, as they are versatile snipers. However, they are weaker than the Sand Viper and have a hard time hitting him, so those can be an effective counter. If you have the Thought Purifier infantry from the mission star rewards, use it and the Nyx Squad will be vaporized instantly. Use heavy artillery to kill all of them at once.


  • Its the third sniper infantry card and the first sniper squad card in existence.

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