Uncommon Officer
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack XXX XXX
Defense XXX XXX
Overall XXX XXX
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage XXX XXX
Fire Rate XXX
Range XXX
Health XXX XXX
Move Speed XXX
Recharge XXX

Officers can be used to promote any unit of the same rarity.

Use Edit

These units allow the player to increase the rank of any unit of equivalent rarity, effectively substituting an identical unit. It can also promote units of rarity below its own rarity, but not above. For example, a Rare Officer can promote a Hippocampus, and also an uncommon Xevioso III, but it cannot, for example, promote a Liang's Reapers.

Like the Trainer is now, these units have never been equippable in a Squad Slot, due to them being introduced in the same update which commenced this effect. Despite this, Uncommon Officers have a supply cost of 400, Rare Officers have a supply cost of 104, Super-Rare Officers have a supply cost of 106, and Ultra-Rare Officers have a supply cost of 108.

There are four levels of officers currently:

  • Uncommon Officer. This is usually found at the 36,000 or 28,000 point mark in events, and very easy to earn. SC=400
  • Rare Officer. This is acquired by a. Getting thirty people to type in your recruit code, b. Getting to the 400,000 or 1 Million point mark in events, which is very tough, c. Getting 300 stars in Campaign mode, or d. Lots of times Gree puts these into the Rank Rewards for top 400. SC=104
  • Super-Rare Officer. This is acquired by a. Getting 375 stars in Campaign mode, or b. Gree sometimes decides to put these into the Rank Rewards List in events, mostly only for those who get top 4 or top 5 in events. SC=106
  • Ultra-Rare Officer. Probably the most beneficial of all four types, because any unit of ultra-rarity and below (which is all units in the game except The Common Interest, Trishula I, Scheherazade I, Silent Swan, Acherontia Styx, Hastatus Squad, and X-1000) can be promoted. However, only one of these have been introduced in only one event in League of War history so far for the top player, and if they are to let players earn another one in a future event, it may only be earned by getting first place in the event. SC=108

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