Orontes I
Orontes I UR Lv1 Front
Rank 1, Level 1
Orontes I UR Lv1 Back
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 13728 61570
Defense 21120 94723
Overall 20842 93476
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 2000  ???
Fire Rate 1.33/s
Range 25
Area Effect N/A
Health 13600  ???
Armor 560  ???
Move Speed 6
Recharge 19

Light. A HEAVY drone vehicle with a long range rapid fire light cannon. Deadly to Infantry (including snipers) and recon vehicles when promoted. Deadly to tanks when fully promoted.

Tactics Edit

Offense: This thing can kill infantry, recon vehicles, and even tanks when it gets promoted. It isn't too difficult to use correctly being able to dominate almost anything it sees. Being UR it can pretty much dominate anything short of another UR unit. This vehicle and her twin sisters is the (by far) best way to deal with the annoying Hastatus Prime and Nero infantry.

Defense: It is vulnerable to tanks that are higher promoted than it. You need an UR tank to have a chance against this especially something like the Attalus can take a beating from even a fully leveled one of these. Best to gang up on it when it is promoted higher than 40 or use anything with longer range than it. UR units are preferred for countering this even if they aren't fully leveled. A level 15 Orontes I can two-shot a level 50 Reaping Truth, so don't try using short range units against this thing. If you are lucky enough to have any epic units such as a Silent Swan with a defense to divert Orontes I fire, it can easily destroy it with ease

Variants Edit

The Orontes I is the ultra-rare variant in its family thereby making it by default the best. In terms of the other units this is the armored variant with the Nessus being the long range variant and Revolution's Purity being the basic variant.

How to Obtain Edit

  • Gold Chests

Trivia Edit

  • Currently it's the 2nd most overpowered recon unit as it can shoot down tanks, Helicopters and infantry with little trouble.

See Also Edit

Gallery Edit

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