Rank 4, Level 50
Rank 1, Level 20
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack ??? 26866
Defense ??? 7400
Overall ??? 13058
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage ??? ???
Fire Rate 1.33/s
Range 30
Health ??? ???
Armor ??? ???
Move Speed 4
Recharge ???

Powerful long range helicopter with twin rotors and rapid firing cannons.


Offensive: Very powerful and this unit can cause serious trouble for the enemy opposition as it has a high fire rate and good damage per shot which can mean trouble for any ground forces willing to take it on. Deploy it as soon as you can because it takes a while to deploy and be sure to give support on the ground against long range AA.

Defensive: Slow to deploy and can be destroyed like any other helicopter so remember to bring a bunch of Anti-Air before it has a chance to get a foothold on battlefield. It is one of the few durable helicopters that can take more than one hit from the long range anti air units so be sure to have some cannon fodder between it and your AA units so they can get multiple shots.

Variants Edit

This is the long range variant so has the highest attack of the SR variants though it is still less than the Lenin's Reach.

See AlsoEdit

Lenin's Reach

Ataturk III


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