People's Sentry
Peoples Sentry Lvl1 Front
Rank 1, Level 1
Peoples Sentry Lvl1 Back
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 572  ???
Defense 1787  ???
Overall 1527  ???
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 80  ???
Fire Rate 1.33/s
Range 13
Area Effect N/A
Health 900  ???
Armor 40  ???
Move Speed 4
Recharge 18

Heavy aircraft. Robust air support, useful for countering infantry.


Offensive: As per the description it is useful for destroying enemy infantry. Useful for taking out unprotected enemy artillery or sniper units causing your ground forces trouble.

Defensive: Any strong AA unit will take this out with ease. The short range of the People's Sentry means it will come within range of almost all AA units.


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