The RMA is a terrorist Group based in central North America that attacks the surrounding states such as California, Neveda, Wisconsin and Arizona. They encountered after beating one of the Liberty Campaigns and even certain events including the Snake Nest event


  • Campagin: Western Warpath
  • Campaign: Sonora Sunrise
  • Campaign: Heron Eclsipe
  • Campagin: High Roller


The RMA prefers a mix of both cheap units and deadly long range units to keep the player at bay.

  • Satrap VI: Level 21
  • Mohemede: A makeshift recon with a mortar on the rear bed, damages tanks
  • Seliem: Level 16
  • Rocket Trooper: level 20
  • Rocket Squad
  • Larina's Resolve


  • Oddly, their is a Easter egg reference to an old Xbox 360 game called "Fracture" as the Major tells the commander to protect "Pacifica" forces which are an enemy faction in the game fracture that tries to survive with the use of biological mututations.

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