Silent Swan
Rank 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 25833 141051
Defense 21450 117117
Overall 51845 283078
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 4800 26208
Fire Rate 1.00/s
Range 15
Health 9200 50232
Armor 640 3494
Move Speed 7
Recharge 11

The Silent Swan is a rocket equipped infantry unit though it currently only counts as a Helicopter


Offense: This is used like any powerful helicopter. Good against most units on the ground and even air with it's high fire rate but bring armored support to deal with the enemy AA units. Beware of long range counter units though this has good health and can take a few hits. A maxed Swan is very difficult to defeat with anything less than a maxed UR AA or a maxed Lenin. The Swan gets shot down pretty quick against the Mega Tank so it's recommended not to use them too much there. Use the cheap supply cost to swarm with these for greatest effect.

Defense: It is most vulnerable to long range SR or UR AA units thanks to it only having an average range of 15. If it gets in close enough to get a shot off then it can decimate your ground units so be sure to engage at max range and keep some units to between your AA and the Swan other wise it might kill your AA and then your whole team before you can get another AA up. Against a maxed Swan you need a maxed UR AA or a maxed SR with a good meat shield. It will eat through just about everything else including helicopters. Against other Epics this is the runt of the family since a Styx or Zade will eat these up and spit them out even if they aren't as highly leveled.


  • This was the second Epic unit available


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