The Common Interest
Rank 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 52715 287826
Defense 42504 232071
Overall 51083 278914
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 9600 52416
Fire Rate 0.80/s
Range 30
Area Effect N/A
Health 25600 139776
Armor 800 4368
Move Speed 4
Recharge 22

This is a very powerful tank unit armed with dual guns.

Ogilarchs beware! Nothing stops The Common Interest!


Offense: Deploy and dominate just about everything on the ground, apart from maybe the X-1000 and Hastatus Squad since they are infantry. This is a very strong tank with a good rate of fire and excellent range. It is only vulnerable to UR or Epic Choppers but it will pretty much destroy everything it runs into on the ground without too much problem even if they enemy deploys a lot of units. It takes a while for an UR helicopter to kill it so it may be able to absorb damage long enough to kill the enemy base if it's one of the first units you deploy and they are slow to deploy helicopters. Deploy with a good AA unit and it is useful as a meat shield for your artillery since it can absorb a lot of hits.

Defense: Counter with extreme range artillery in numbers or powerful helicopters like the Lenin or Styx. A meat shield with artillery usually doesn't last long enough for the artillery to be able to kill them unless you have a Trishula. Do not attack if you don't have a few level 50 UR units or a Lenin at least. You pretty much at least need to have level 50 UR units to be able to beat a low level Common Interest but a maxed Common Interest you might be able to beat with an entire level 50 UR squad. Keep in mind that though a Lenin will kill it but if your Lenin gets deployed too far ahead this can drive by it and take out your base before the Lenin can reverse and take it out. Good counters are Lenin's reach, Sylph, Styx and even Sylosons as they destroy it pretty quickly. A Trishula with a meat shield can be pretty effective too. Basically it is a good idea not to fight Epics without Epics of your own.


  • This was the first of the Epic units.
  • When maxed out this unit can deal enough damage per shot to one- shot some level 40 ultra rare tanks.


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