Trishula I
Rank 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 49648 271080
Defense 17600 96096
Overall 40028 218557
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 12800 69888
Fire Rate 0.40/s
Range 45
Area Effect 8
Health 9600 52416
Armor 640 3494
Move Speed 3
Recharge 20


Powerful artillery armed with three long range missiles


Offense: This is a powerful artillery unit with INCREDIBLE range (45!) but it takes a while to deploy. Keep behind a wall of units (like lots of pugios rocket squads and stuff like that to annoy the enemy) and it can wipe out anything on the ground in a few shots including the Common Interest.

Defense: Your best chance is to get it while it deploys before it can fire if attacking it on the ground. Basically you need a Common Interest which has good range and firepower plus a good rate of fire to take it out on the ground. A Silent Swan or other good chopper can attack this without fear of reprisal so they may be your best bet. It is weak like other artillery if you have some powerful Epics of your own but lesser units may find it difficult to take these out.

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