A Page that will serves as a unit review center, write your review about a unit, look over other reviews and discuss which units are best suited for a certain battle.

Do NOT Type Above This Line

  • SR/UR/E AC-130
  • SR/UR/E A-10 Warthog
  • Flamethrower Squad - New Epic Unit
  • A Rare Anti-Air that has decent range!!
  • Anti-drone Unit - EMP?
  • Combat Medic that heals units
  • Anti-Air Drone Squad
  • Apollo Nuke that fires faster
  • Artillery that can hit Air - Helicopter?
  • Maybe a way to put naval battles into the game, perhaps as a second mode, where you get to name your ships and everything.
  • maybe airplanes like bombers and fighters have different abilities and stuff or add a separate mode for air modes.
  • at least one mech suit
  • harrier jet like unit that hovers like a helicopter and shoots rockets.
  • also maybe something that looks like a "technical", also known as a militia truck (a white Toyota with a turret in the back).
  • Apollo Nuke REALLY needs to shoot faster.
  • Motorcycles, maybe one with a side car with an MG.
  • Maybe like a medic for each unit type, like battlefield ambulance for recon, or air ambulance (Huey) for air.
  • add like older military vehicles, like WWI,WWII, and Vietnam.
  • UR Sniper (Like maybe a UR Hastatus Supreme which targets core of tanks, and a Red General, who not only targets the pilot of recon units like Comrade Zero, he is also very difficult to hit like the Sand Viper.)
  • Suicide Bomber
  • Artillery Helicopter
  • More Epics
  • Add a UR version of rocket squad
  • A infantry that cant be one shotted by things such as Ortones or black flag
  • Unit that deploys infantry behind it but doesn't shoot
  • Suicide bombing unit.
  • Multi-armed unit (Like maybe a new Epic recon howitzer that fires a huge gun at ground units and then a deadly indirect tank-busting missile that can target air units and ground units and both weapons have a range of 40)
  • A unit that Burrows underground until another unit comes within its range.
  • A unit that targets the unit that will do the most damage to it.
  • EMP unit that briefly shuts down Tanks, Recon, and does Massive damage to Helicopters.
  • A unit that bursts into smaller weaker units when killed, or a missile that does the same thing.
  • Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber that drops a single nuclear bomb and flies away!
  • unit controls, like stop, go or retreat.
  • A heavily armored infantry unit, like a Juggernaut of some sort, two of them, one with a machinegun (Anti-infantry), and another with an RPG (Anti-tank).
  • r/sr/ur/ tank with normal cannon(anti ground) and a machine gun mounted to the top(anti air)

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