IMG 0033-1-
Rank 4, Level 55
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack  ??? 46222
Defense  ??? 25396
Overall  ??? 38922
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage  ???  ???
Fire Rate 0.50/s
Range 40
Area Effect N/A
Health  ???  ???
Armor  ???  ???
Move Speed  ?
Recharge  ??

Heavy. Long range support tank.

Tactics Edit

Offensive: Deadly to tanks, recon, and infantry because of the cannon armament. With a 40 range if you can get 3+ of these behind some fodder or tanks it's all but over for your opponent.

Defensive: Counter with air because it can't target them. Otherwise cannon fodder units such as recon drones may give your strong units enough time to take it out. Ultra-rare tanks can solo it.

Variants Edit

How to Obtain Edit

  • Gold Chests


See Also Edit

Gallery Edit

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